We are now located at 155 East Street New Haven, CT 06511.

Our annual fundraising event, Cooking for CASA, is coming up! Join us for a night of food, wine, and jazz from many of the area's best eateries. As much as 90% of every dollar raised with this event goes to child advocacy and empowerment. Click on the "Save the Date" for more details.


You can join the hundreds of Connecticut volunteers who help abused and neglected children get what they deserve -- a safe, permanent home and hope for the future.

An affiliate of the National Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) program, Children In Placement is the first CASA program in the state.


Children In Placement is fostering a better way for Connecticut's children.


Top Stories


Christina’s World

Thanks to the efforts of her CASA volunteer shown in the photo with her, Christina is living in a safe home. When her mother was battling substance abuse, it was easy for a judge to grant the grandmother temporary guardianship – it happens all the time. But when the mother comes back to court to regain custody of her child, the judge often has to make a decision based on two completely different stories from mom and grandma as to the living conditions in each house. What is the judge to do? .
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Foster Club AllStar

Jahvern spent 8 years in the foster care system, and says he is the person he is today because of it. “I truly believe that part of my life was just a stepping stone and a learning experience. It’s helped get me where I am today and it will not be forgotten.”  Now he is officially one of Connecticut’s FosterClub AllStars and a leader of Children In Placement’s empowerment program for youth. 

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